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Roofing Installation and Repair


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with the professionalism, efficiency, and skillset to guarantee satisfactoryresults.


If you need trustworthy roofing professionals in Beamsville, you are in the right place. Our roofers have extensive experience and prowess that we apply on every job as we maintain the timeline and budget caps.


We provide financing solutions that can help you keep your roof in tip-top shape. Do not hesitate to start repairs if you do not want the damage to extend to other sections of the house.


We can keep your eavestrough in top-notch shape through expert repair services that ensure the gutter system complements the roof seamlessly. Our approach is unique, but it delivers remarkable and long-lasting results.


Your Beamsville Roofers

The roof is an integral part of every house. That is why it should always be in the best shape and the reason you should call roofers whenever there is a problem. Niagara Roof Masters can deliver all the services you need to ensure you enjoy the protection that a good roof provides throughout the year, no matter how harsh the seasons become.

Our expertise in roof installation and repair remains unmatched. We can diagnose any problem accurately and apply proper repair measures to ensure the roof remains in optimal condition for the longest time. We also have the qualifications and experience necessary for such services. We handle all tasks in a way that guarantees longevity and minimal to no repairs during the roofing lifespan.

We are the best partners to have if you need any roofing service. Our desire for perfection and commitment to homeowners in Beamsville ensures we deliver nothing but the best.

What Would You Gain from A New Roofing Installation?

A good roof gives you protection and insulation, which are invaluable to every homeowner. Insulation enables more savings on energy bills as the roof cover and structure keeps natural elements like hail from damaging everything inside the house. A new roof also eliminates the need for repairs, which adds to the savings.

Value Addition to the Property

Roof replacement is one of the best home improvement services that can boost property value, especially when you intend to sell. Apart from giving you up to 50% ROI, you can also get a higher bargaining power. Most buyers like properties with new roofs because it means fewer problems.
Arrange for a replacement before putting the house on the market if the roof has issues. The sale process will be smoother. You can also install new roofing, even if you do not want to sell, to avoid recurrent problems.

Better Outdoor Aesthetics

An unkept roof can make your house look dilapidated, even if you have the best landscaping features. On the other hand, a new roof can enhance external features and improve aesthetic appeal. Replace shingles that are missing or worn out. You can also repair cracked or loose shingles to give the property a clean finish.

You can make the exterior appearance better by choosing a roofing material that blends with other outdoor features. Numerous options are available to make such a selection simple.

Less Money on Electricity Bills

A well-insulated household does not use too much electricity. That is what a new roof provides. Heat cannot escape the house if all the roof sections function optimally. That means you will not depend entirely on your heating and cooling unit during winter or summer, translating to less energy consumption. The insulation will keep your house warm or cool, depending on the season.

Ultimate Protection from Outdoor Elements

A good roof withstands outdoor elements like strong winds. A roof with a compromised surface or structure is more susceptible to damage by natural elements. That means the longer you leave your roof unrepaired, the higher the chances of extensive damages that cost more time and money to fix.

Water leaks are the most common problem with unrestored worn-out roofs. Once excess moisture seeps in, other issues like mould growth and wood rot will follow, and they may be more challenging to eradicate. Installing a new roof can prevent all that trouble and protect you from all external elements.

Niagara Roof Masters – We Are Best-Suited to Solve All Your Roofing Needs

Niagara Roofers can repair or install your roof flawlessly. We have specialized skills and knowledge that enable us to work with various roofing materials and systems. Our expert roofers follow a unique and systematic process that results in perfection every time.

We are available for consultations or inquiries. We also provide free estimates after assessing the roof. We will conduct a thorough inspection and then issue a factual report afterward. Contact us today for stellar solutions to all your roofing needs.

How to Determine When a New Roof Is Due for Repair

You may notice signs of roof damage before the problems become extensive. The trick is to repair them as soon as possible to avoid further costs.

Damaged Shingles

Shingles should be well laid-out and without cracks. Missing or loose shingles make the roof vulnerable to water damage from leaks, which is why their swift replacement or repair is fundamental.

Stains on the Attic or Ceiling

Any property with stains on the attic, ceiling, or walls has a water leak problem. More damage, like wood rot, can happen if you ignore the leak.

High Energy Bills

You may have an insulation problem if your energy bills increase, and you cannot explain why. Your HVAC unit could be overworking to keep the indoor temperatures pleasant. Roof repair can improve the situation instantly.

Sagging Roof

All components of the roof should be well-levelled. Any drooping or sagging indicates an unsteady structure that requires urgent attention. Otherwise, the roof could collapse and cause more damage.

Contact our experts in Beamsville as soon as you notice any of the above signs or if you think the roof is not in the best condition.

Latest News

Free Roof Giveaway

At Niagara RoofMasters we want to acknowledge the fear and anxiety we’re all facing. We are committed to our community and customers. We’re giving back a free roof and a fridge full of food. We’ve partnered with GAF, Hermans and Giant FM and are asking you to nominate a person in the Niagara Region that needs a roof, who has lost their job due to COVID 19 or who’s a front line health care worker.

Roofing Trouble in Beamsville? Call The Specialists

Our superior services are available in Beamsville and surrounding areas. Call us if you experience any roofing problem, regardless of the complexity. We have the knowledge, tools, and experience to solve all issues hassle-free. Be assured that we will implement measures suitable for your needs specifically – we do not use general repair methods.