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Siding Installation Port Colborne

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Siding Installation Done Promptly and Expertly

Siding repair requires a high level of expertise, the same as installation. Substandard services can leave you tackling more problems as soon as the restoration or replacement is complete. That is where our team comes in – we have a skilled team that does the job exceptionally well. We can guide you as you choose the best siding option for your property from the many selections available in the market. Our team understands the investment that goes into siding installations Niagara. We will ensure you continue to enjoy the benefit of such ventures.

Siding Repair Vs. Installation

Siding develops problems as it ages, but that does not make replacement the only solution. Compare all the applicable considerations before deciding whether to install new siding or restore the old existing one. The current condition of the siding is one of the critical factors to consider. Replacement becomes unnecessary if it can function well with a few repairs. However, you may have to replace extensively damaged or outdated siding.

The budget range is another consideration. A new installation is costlier and may not be a good option if you have a tight budget. However, new siding installation can provide better efficiency and higher property value.

A replacement is also a better alternative if you want to change the outlook of the house. Repair only improves the current features. You can rely on our knowledgeable crew to provide all the relevant facts when deciding the best option for your home.

Siding Repair Services Available in Port Colborne


  • Wood or Cedar
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Celect® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal®

Why Bother with Siding?

Siding costs a lot of money, but its advantages make installation and maintenance worthwhile. Restoring imperfect siding or keeping it in good condition improves the energy efficiency in the house and increases property value. You also get enhanced protection from natural elements and better curb appeal.

Siding can help you get more from a property sale – most people associate it with higher property value, meaning potential buyers will be willing to pay more. You can also get more comfort from good siding if you do not want to sell. You can experience many other benefits, including the following:

Improved Outdoor Aesthetics

Most people notice the siding first when driving by or walking into a home. That means the state of the siding determines the first perception people have about you or your house. Repairing damaged pieces and replacing missing siding ensures you give a good impression.

Any siding material is repairable or replaceable – you do not have to keep outdated or worn-out siding. New installations or restorations can upgrade the entire look when done professionally. Remember, you do not have to replace the siding on the whole house if you cannot afford to. Sectional repairs targeting specific damaged pieces can still provide energy efficiency and value addition that are more critical when you want to sell if the material is repairable.

Protection from Natural Elements

One of the primary roles of siding is protection from strong winds and other elements. The longer an old siding remains on the walls, the higher the chances of damage by those elements, increasing vulnerability to damage by pests, excess moisture, and drafts. Installing new siding can avert the issue and enhance safety.

Siding installation is one of the home projects likely to bring back your investment over time. However, you must choose the material carefully to ensure durability. Evaluate resilience to outdoor weather elements when selecting the best siding material. Some options our professionals recommend include aluminum, vinyl, or cellular composite – they can last longer, guaranteeing safety for many years.

Protection from Pest Infestation

New siding is good at keeping away pests and rodents, but old siding can attract insects and pests that damage your home and possibly spread diseases. Small rodents and pests can get into the house through any opening left by damaged siding. Sealing such spaces with new siding pieces as soon as you spot them is highly recommended. The need for quick repairs increases if you live in a location prone to insect or pest infestation, like places with many carpenter bees or termites. Ensuring the siding is placed correctly and tightly sealed can prevent pests from getting into the house. Our installation and repair crew can provide the peace of mind you deserve by ensuring your home remains safe.


Dysfunctional siding can allow drafts and moisture into the house, which can reduce the comfort level of the house significantly. Installing new siding can prevent that and help you save money from reduced energy usage. The siding will ensure your home remains cool in summer and warm in winter, averting the need to over-rely on your heating and cooling units.

Replacing old siding or repairing damaged siding can qualify you for tax credits due to the energy efficiency. The siding installation and repair experts from D’Angelo & Sons can help you choose the most efficient material from the multiple selections available in the market to ensure you enjoy all the monetary benefits and optimal protection.

What You Can Gain from Our Port Colborne Siding Installers and Repair Experts

Hiring a dependable and knowledgeable team is critical if you want to enjoy all the benefits of siding. In most cases, problems arise when the installation process is hurried or done with subpar standards, allowing problems to manifest soon after. Our team has been doing such projects successfully for over 40 years, which proves our ability to get them right. Our expertise starts with material selection. We can guide you in choosing the best siding for your house depending on climatic factors in your region, aesthetics, durability, and budget to ensure you get a material that stays in great shape for longer. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Experienced Siding Contractors in Port Colborne

If you are considering siding installation, hire a contractor that understands the fundamental role siding plays in protecting a house and the value it adds. The installer should prioritize ease of maintenance and longevity without compromising style or visual appeal. The Niagara Roof Masters crew does not underestimate the importance of superb craftsmanship when putting siding in place. We put quality above everything else, from material selection to installation or repair services. We guarantee the best results.

Including siding in the original home renovation or construction plan is crucial if you want the design to be faultless. Early planning enables the timely acquisition of materials and allows enough time to hire the best crew for the job, increasing the chances of getting the highest quality results. Our workers have built relationships with reliable siding brands. We also thrive on excellent customer service, making us the best people for the job. We can handle any siding material, be it cedar, aluminum, fibre, cement, vinyl, or any other option you prefer.

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Installation

Apart from providing protection, siding also influences the appearance of the house. Professional placements and material choices make the home attractive and boost property value. Vinyl and aluminum are the most popular options in Port Colborne. They are available in multiple textures, sizes, and colours, allowing you to pick the right fit for your home. The two alternatives are also reasonably priced, long-lasting, and low maintenance.

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Aluminum siding is known for its fair price, resistance to rust, and simple maintenance. The material is also resistant to fire and mould, making it one of the best low-cost siding options. The best part is that it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, and you can also get a labour guarantee.


Multiple colours, textures, and patterns are available for your choosing. You do not experience design restrictions as you can get a style mimicking wood.

Highly resistant to weather elements and less vulnerable to insect and water damage.


Susceptible to denting and less attractive. The material can also become noisy if the wind is strong.

You cannot replace a single piece in case of damage.


Vinyl enhances the advantages of aluminum, like affordability. The material is also sturdier and does not dent easily. Cleaning it is easy. It does not crack and lasts long. Chipping and cracking are also unlikely.


You do not have to paint or polish the siding.

The costs of buying and keeping the siding are lower.

The material does not decay and has an impressive lifespan.


Vinyl siding is not biodegradable and can crack under pressure.

Seams are apparent when panels overlap.

Improve Your House Insulation

Call us for siding installation or repair if you have been wondering how to improve energy efficiency in your house. We will improve the insulation to give the siding better dent resistance capacity. Insulation can also improve breathability, which helps with moisture evaporation to prevent rotting or mould growth.