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Skylight Installation

Natural light is great for the body and soul! Skylights can be a welcome addition to your home, bringing in natural light and creating an open airy feeling. You’re able to enjoy natural lighting while reducing energy costs and improve physiological and psychological well-being. Skylights are able to bring light into centralized areas of a building;

Daylight is available throughout the day from both ambient lighting from the sky and direct exposure to the sun.

Modern transparent and/or translucent glazing can be utilized to avoid glare, aid in capturing sunlight at low angles and diffuse light to wider areas of floor space. Even on overcast days, toplighting from skylights is more efficient.

Skylights can be difficult to install properly. Leaks are a major cause for concern, due to inferior quality flashings and sealants.What to look for in a premium skylight: Weathertight flashing, All season glazing, Convenient controls for skylights and blinds


For over 60 years, Velux has offered a complete system of skylight products and accessories to enhance your life with natural light. Velux is the world leader in energy efficient skylight and roof window systems.The No Leak Skylight offer three layers of protection, thanks to Velux Deck Seal Technology Curb Mounted Skylights are designed for use in out of reach applications Compact “Sun Tunnels” are perfect for small areas.

Leaking is not an issue: Velux skylights include prefabricated weathertight flashings to ensure the integrity of every skylight.

The “comfort glazing” system means that Velux skylights are the perfect year round solution, ensuring your comfort on hot or cold days. An exterior awning stops too much heat from coming into your home. It’s easy to control Velux skylights and blinds, thanks to either manual telescopic rods or through electric remote controls. For circumstances where natural light is desirable, but a view to the outside is unnecessary, Velux offers the SUN TUNNEL skylight. Velux skylights can be accessorized by a wide assortment of blinds and shades. These accessories let you customize the light coming into your home, while saving you money on your energy bill.

Custom Flashing

Roofing Niagara offer a wide variety of sheet metal ready to cap windows, doors, skylights, wall flashings and firewalls. Flashing and cladding orders are custom as products vary in specifications and detail. Variations in colors, gauges, lengths and dimensions make it impractical to stock pre-made flashings. By carefully planning, ordering and production strategies, we can quickly fill any order.

Replacement Siding
Brake-formed panels are made to look exactly like roll-formed cladding for situations where buying it is not practical. The option is ideal for small lots, repair jobs, fascias or custom finishes.

Flush Panels
Usually 1.5” deep and approximately 12” coverage and fastened through a hidden leg or clip system.

Board & Batten
A flat panel with wider cap or “batten” covering the joint between the panels.

Fascia Panels
Flat panels with flanges returned on all sides are fastened by hidden clips between panels.

Shaped shingles can be made to your specifications.

We can custom-design and build panels including various locks and fastening systems using a variety of materials.